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Adventure Crafts

NSCD staff will pre-record a short hike in their respective areas and find materials for crafts such as leafs, pine cones, and rocks. Participants are encouraged to take a walk and find thier materials before the zoom call as well. We will then use our found supplies to make a craft! 

Weekly Details:

  • May 19 - Kite Making.  Make your own kite from objects around the house.  Fly the kite that same day!  Materials needed: Large plastic bag or newspaper, straight sticks or straws at least 35 inches long, scissors, string, tape or glue, ruler or tape measure.  Optional: Markers, colored paper, ribbon.
  • May 26 - Make a Birds Nest.  Go on a hike to gather supplies. On Zoom we will watch the footage of March's hike while we talk about our experiences of gathering supplies then we will use what we found to make a bird nest. Can yours stay balanced in a tree after?!  Materials needed: A lot of sticks, leaves, grass, feathers, hay/straw, string/glue/tape.
  • June 2 - 3D Nature Pictures.  Make unique pictures out of materials found outside and in nature during a hike or around the yard.  Good objects include leaves, grass, pine cones, sticks, feathers, small rocks, and anything you can glue down on paper.  Bring the items back home and get ready to make a fun art project together!  Materials needed: Anything from nature that you can glue down on paper.
  • June 9 - Making Mandalas.  Go on a hike to gather supplies.  After explaining what a mandala is we will use what we found to make a beautiful mandala to remind us of the hike. Materials needed: A paper plate or piece of paper, art supplies from nature (grass, leaves, flowers, rocks, sticks, etc.), glue/tape.
  • June 16 - Rock Painting.  Materials needed: Rocks, various colors of paint (acrylic works best), brushes, markers, paper plate.  Optional: Stickers, nail polish, glitter. 
  • June 23 - Make your own tree art!  Go on a hike to gather supplies.  Materials needed: A piece of paper, art supplies from nature, a handful of sticks that are similar in length (make sure they fit on a piece of paper), leaves, flowers, grass, glue/tape.

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